Shuipa, an ancient village in Libo County, Guizhou Province, China, is rich in culture, boasting traditional handicrafts like horsetail embroidery and the Shui script. However, due to the invading modernization and urbanization, it is becoming vacant, with the dwellers mainly elderly people. In this project, I expect to revitalize the local economy through tourism development. In the center of the village I designed a “living room” which serves as a platform connecting the old village and its future. It is both the visitor center and the activity center for the villagers. In the “living room”, people can make handicrafts, which can help awaken the locals’ awareness of protecting their own culture and revitalize the old village. In structure, wood and steel are adopted, which are easily obtained in the local area. This project is expected to keep the original flavor of the residential houses.
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