Once an industrial site, the “Ex Montecatini” (1929-1983) is located in the municipality of Rovereto, in the province of Trento, it covers over 120 thousand m² and is close to the river Adige. The area used to be the town’s industrial glory and encompassed a unique 380m-long factory building. How does one protect this area and yet give it new functions? Vast vineyards surround the site. It also has a high-quality water source from the Alps that enables the grapes to produce the best wine in the country.  A wine tour is designed devoted to this area, including a vineyard visit, learning about wine, and a hotel stay. The phrase “Cin Cin” is Italian for “cheers.”  People can visit the site by train, learn the history and production of wine, and enjoy a drink by the Adige River.
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