The compost mountain begins to look at the idea of third nature, as something completely artificial. If the original Matterhorn was the first nature, the Matterhorn bobsled ride (a completely artificial, yet near perfect replication of the original) as the second nature, then this new mountain is something that is perceived to look like and be made artificially. Drawing from Disney’s long standing tradition of bringing magic to us through animation, the concept of pixels as the method of artificial creation, the project uses hexagon bricks as the construction material, with each brick representing a pixel. The palette is created however by mixing in completely natural materials off compost and coffee in varying proportions as a nod to the existing natural artifice. Compost mountain is conceived to be a completely experiential setting, where users interact with it by adding bricks of various sizes which are produced in the interior of the mountain, much like an accessible and viewable back house.
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